Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K Gold / White GIA Certified, Round, 1.75 Carat, D Color, VS1 Clarity

Meticulously crafted in 14k, this exclusive design by NATURAL DIAMOND is available to you directly from the source. The ‘Ixia’ design is set with 11 diamonds, weighing 1.75 ctw. Featuring a sparkly 1.50ct center stone, graded D / VS1 GIA certified (not treated in any way) this beautiful piece is available in 14K gold, 18K gold or platinum. If you love the design but prefer a different center stone or would like to have a different design with the same center stone please contact us anytime to receive more options.

Read below to learn about the quality of the main diamond:

D Color:
This D color diamond is an absolutely colorless diamond. The highest color grade, which is extremely rare

VS1 Clarity:
This VS1 clarity diamond has few, very small inclusions. Inclusions are not visible to the unaided eye.

Round Shape:
The Round Brilliant cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape available today. In addition to being the most popular shape, a Round diamond gives you more flexibility in terms of balancing cut, color, and clarity grades while still getting the fire and brilliance you want.

GIA Certificate:
As the most respected gemological laboratory in the world, GIA entrusted with grading and identifying more gems than any other. Located in major gem and jewelry centers around the world, GIA laboratories are staffed by expert diamond graders and gemologists, whose work sets the standard for grading practices worldwide.

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Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K Gold / White GIA Certified, Round, 1.75 Carat, D Color, VS1 Clarity

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